open FPrimitive

/// Composible specifications for your domain types:
type NonEmptyString =
    | NonEmptyString of string
    static member create x =
        |> Spec.notNull "should not be null"
        |> Spec.notEmpty "should not be empty"
        |> Spec.createModel NonEmptyString x

/// ...also available as computation expression.
type NonEmptyList<'a> =
    | NonEmptyList of 'a list
    static member create xs =
        specModel NonEmptyList xs {
            nonEmpty "list should not be empty"
            lengthBetween 1 10 "list length should be between 1-10"

/// Access controllers for your critical application resources:
let uncontrolled_critical = ignore

let critical =
    Access.func uncontrolled_critical
    |> Access.once
    |> Access.duringHours 9 17
    |> Access.revokable

/// Try to evaluate
Access.eval () critical
/// Revoke when neccessary

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